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10 Celebrities with Chipped Teeth


10 Celebrities with Chipped Teeth

Accidents are inevitable. Chipping teeth is a common form of accident that affects all people, including celebrities. Having a broken tooth not only affects your ability to chew, but it also harms your appearance. Maintain good looks is one of the critical requirements for people in showbiz. 

The best remedy to a chipped tooth is visiting a dentist, who will then recommend a suitable solution for your case. Some of the most popular corrective dental procedures include getting dental implants and dentures. 
Several prominent personalities have chipped teeth. The reasons for breaking teeth are different, with some having broken their teeth during childhood, and others as adults. There are even a few who chipped their teeth during live performances.

1. Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise, who is widely known his starring role in the Mission Impossible movie series, tops the list of famous people with chipped teeth. Tom got his injury from a hockey puck during his childhood. He first revealed his chipped teeth during his performance in ‘The Outsiders’, a movie shot in 1983.  

Tom has since undergone several cosmetic dentistry procedures that included teeth whitening and straightening. As a result, his teeth are now perfectly aligned and spotlessly white.

2. Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey became famous for his role as Lloyd Christmas in the film ‘Dumb & Dumber.’ Coincidentally, Jim revealed his broken tooth while shooting this movie. He sustained the injury at a playground when he was a kid. 
Carrey had his broken tooth bonded decades ago, but he occasionally removes the cap to charm his many fans. The actor revealed that he would leave the cap off in the eagerly-anticipated sequel to the ‘Dumb & Dumber’ movie, known as ‘Dumber.’

3. Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff, an actress, and recording artist, accidentally chipped her front teeth on a microphone during a live show. After an extended period without taking any action, Duff decided to take a trip to the oral surgeon and got a permanent tooth implant. This was during her transition to singing ten years ago, and her smile is now better than it has ever been!

4. Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney had a moped accident in 1965 that resulted in hipping chipping his tooth. He gave an account of the incident in the book ‘Anthology.’. He was riding mopeds with a friend while admiring the surroundings. While looking at the full moon, he fell off his bike and hit his face on the adjacent pavements.

5. James Gandolfini

The late James Gandolfini rose to fame for his role as Tony Soprano in the top-rated TV series ‘The Sopranos.’ During the premiere of his HBO film ‘Cinema Verite,’ Gandolfini was photographed with a chipped front tooth.  

6. Nas

Nas is a famous American rapper with several hit songs in the hip hop genre, such as ‘Hit Me Now.’ When he was still an emerging artist, he had a chipped tooth. After becoming a successful musical act, he fixed the tooth and now spots a flawless smile.

7. Ed Helms

Ed Helms has a rather peculiar case – he has never had a front tooth to chip. Instead, the actor had to incur the full dental implant cost as a 16-year-old, as his front tooth never came after losing his milk teeth. He famously removed the tooth implant when shooting his role in ‘The Hangover.’ 

8. Jerry Rice

Jerry Rice sustained several injuries during his stint as a football player in the NFL. Some of the injuries resulted in him chipping his teeth. After finishing what was an illustrious career in the game, Jerry had his teeth done to restore his smile. 

9. Fabulous

Fabulous, a leading rapper, is known for his chipped front tooth. He even refers to the tooth in his hit song ‘Into You.’ In 2011, he declared his intentions to fix his dental flaws by getting teeth implants. 

10. George Clooney

Leading American actor and filmmaker, George Clooney, reportedly grinds his teeth. This explains his sparkling white teeth, meaning that he had a recent trip to the dentist. 


For a celebrity, it is essential to have a flawless and charming smile. Whether you are a singer or the lead actor in an upcoming blockbuster movie, you can’t afford to have chipped teeth. This explains why these personalities dig deep into their pockets and pay the full tooth implant cost to get that perfect grin. 
In cases where implants are inapplicable, the dentists usually recommend other corrective procedures such as bonding, tooth whitening, gum grafts, porcelain veneers, bonding, and fixed bridges, and so on.  You too can get a dental uplift and restore that perfect smile.






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