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No One Is Safe from Cyber-Attacks and Celebrities Are No Exception


No One Is Safe from Cyber-Attacks and Celebrities Are No Exception

Cyber-attacks are widespread these days. They are a grave issue of the hour. However, wait! Have you ever heard about cyber-attacks? Do you know what it is? Are you aware of the seriousness of this issue? Well, if you aren’t, let me walk you through it. 

Cyber-attack is an attack by a hacker to breach your privacy illegally. The hackers try to invade in your personal space by blocking and hacking your financial, social, and personal accounts. 


They, then, try to expose, alter, destroy, disable or steal your information for either financial compensation or publicity. 

Celebrities Phished!

From politicians to business tycoons to celebrities, almost everyone has been a victim of cyber-attack. Celebrities, although, have been the main objective. 

People are very interested to know about their personal lives, which create an opportunity for phishers to gather their information. The tremendous public interest motivates them to track the celebs and reveal their details.

As the personal information of celebs is, unfortunately, precious for its public interest. The hackers hack their accounts majorly to win popularity. These hackers are called as the new ‘Paparazzi.’

 They follow the celebs almost on every platform and keep an eye over extracting every detail about their personal lives. 

Why Cyber- Attack the Celebrities? 

The purpose behind cyber-attacks on celebs has many reasons besides public interest. At times, their very personal and intimate life details are shared in public to shatter their image.

 It is used to humiliate and ridicule them, to damage their fan following and future projects. However, at other times, little details of their lives with fans, family, and the general public is published to showcase how humble, down to earth, and loving they are. 
Rarely does it happen with celebs whereby their hacked details threaten them? Usually, they are only cut for feeding public interest.  

Watch out!

There are various ways of cybersecurity attacks. In most cases, hackers take advantage of the inattention of the celebs or a security breach, but at times, hackers’ also brute force to obtain the credentials of their accounts. 
Whatever the case may be and however, the way hackers hack the account, the point being is nobody is completely safe in terms of cybersecurity. 

No Safe is Guarded

No platform or social site is completely protected. The evidence of it is the crackdown of social media giants like Facebook and Instagram. 
Recently, we have observed the Instagram case where Selena Gomez amongst many other renowned actors and singers was hacked. 
The victims of this cyber- incident included Leonardo DiCaprio, Harry Styles, Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, Emma Watson, and David Beckham with many others. 

Their life details, personal photographs, and chats were published in public, which created a huge hype. 

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