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Some of your favorite celebrities aren’t just famous in their field; some of them were also inventors. They didn’t just look good on the red carpet, but they were also good with their hands.  

A patent is a license the government awards a person that gives them the sole right to stop others from making, using, or selling their invention. 

Now how do you get a Patent? 

The inventor applies for a patent to protect his invention and ensure that even if it is marketed, he will benefit solely. The inventor starts with a patent registration where he applies for a patent and clearly outlines what his patent would cover to avoid a patent break lawsuit. 

A patent break lawsuit comes up after the offending party has not responded favorably to the patent enforcement. 

Here are ten celebrities who know all about holding a patent to a great discovery. 

1. Michael Jackson

The smooth criminal singer and inventor of the gravity-defying dance step was also an inventor. For Michael Jackson to accomplish the gravity-defying dance, he and two other people designed a special shoe. 

In 1992, Michael and his friends submitted a patent application to the US Patent and Trademark Office. They were granted their patent for in October 1993 for “Method and Means of Creating Anti-Gravity illusion” with a patent number of 5,255,452. 

2. Steve McQueen

Steve “King of Cool” McQueen is one other celebrity that has a patent. Steve wasn’t just the award-winning actor that graced our screens; he was an avid racer who enjoyed racing cars, horses, and motorcycles. Whenever Steve was off-screen, he was sure to be found on a motorcycle or in the driver’s seat of a car doing what he loved. 
It wasn’t a surprise when he invented and patented a type of bucket seat that was more suited to racing. 

3. Paul Winchell

Paul Winchell was a talented ventriloquist in his time. However, making dummies come to life wasn’t all he was talented at. Paul designed, built, and patented the mechanical heart – such a great discovery that would save lives. Together with Henry Heimlich, who would later patent his invention, they tested the contraption out and had it patented. 

4. Eddie Van Halen

Eddie Van Halen didn’t just play phenomenally with all 10 of his fingers; he was also smart. Eddie was frustrated over the fact that he couldn’t have support for his guitar while he played with all 10 of his fingers. To make things easier for him, he designed, built, and patented a support bar that lets him go at all the strings. 

5. Neil Young

The musician and model train enthusiast is not only a part-owner of Lionel, he also holds a number of patents for model train control systems.

A rock star at night, an avid train collector at night indeed! Neil Young was so passionate about trains and helping his son enjoy them as much as he did that, he designed a wireless controller. His son Ben had cerebral palsy, so the wireless controller made playing with the trains with ease. 

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