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Top Icons and their Online Degrees


Top Icons and their Online Degrees

4) Shaquille O’Neal 

Another icon, and this time from the sporting industry who doesn’t play anymore. But the retired professional basketball player is at present a sports analyst. While you read about him, you’d get to know that just like many other people, he was forced to quit the Louisiana State University, in order to pursue his dream of playing in the NBA. And finally, he opted for an accredited Bachelor’s degree from Louisiana State, and further on, he also got another accredited degree, which MBA from the University of Phoenix. 

Online learning and his degrees, ultimately helped him in his way, and now as it turns out, he has got hold of degrees that are accredited, along with his gem-like shining career in the NBA. 

5) James Franco 

He is also one of the most renowned American actor and filmmaker. Some of his performances have come in movies such as 127 Hours, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, etc. 

He has also studied and got his Bachelor’s degree, from one of the prestigious and premium Bachelor degree schools, that is the University of California. And after that, he went on to earn a Master’s degree from Columbia University. And in his academic career, the last significant achievement was his Ph.D. in English from one of the all-time great universities, that is, the Yale University.  

Therefore, indeed, he has also been a part of all the famous icons who have got Bachelor’s accredited degrees, from the online courses and virtual schooling programs.

With this list, the fact that a lot of people have preferred online education degrees is lucid. A significant proportion of people choose in favour of online MBA degrees, Bachelor degrees, and they are quite keen over applying for colleges that provide accredited degrees. 

Once the person achieves academic excellence, then it’s quite easy and possible to apply for Grants for Master degrees. Obviously, for that, you need to have an excellent academic record of your performance, throughout your Bachelor’s. And as it is evident that online education programs and distance learning has made it possible to learn flexibly, you can undoubtedly apply for Grants for Master degrees that are provided by some of the renowned and premium institutes all across the globe. 

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