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Do Psychic Session Show Results?


Do Psychic Session Show Results?

According to IBISWorld, a market research company, the psychic services industries in the US is worth a whopping $2 billion. With so much money in play, it raises the question – are psychic readings real?

How Psychics Work

The majority of psychic readers rely on more than intuition to guide their clients. They use a variety of divination tools such as tarot cards, crystal balls, astrology, and numerology to provide solutions to the challenges faced by their customers.
There are two types of psychics – regular psychics and psychic mediums. Psychics can see the past, present, and future. They have an inherent unique ability to travel in the dimension of time in the physical world.

On the other hand, psychic mediums can connect to the spirit world. This ability enables them to speak to spirit guides and connect clients with their deceased loved ones. 
Psychics offer their services on different platforms. Some prefer meeting clients in person, while others are online psychics that interact with clients through telephone. 

Are Psychic Sessions Effective?

The truth is, nobody really knows whether psychic reading is effective. Those who believe in paranormal activities certainly have faith in psychics. Some people who have experiences with these psychics, however, have questions over their credibility. 

Astrology, free horoscopes, tarots, palm reading, and mediums are harmless when they offer insights for entertainment purposes or ease anxiety. However, some self-proclaimed psychic are exploiting the desperation of some clients to defraud them.

Here are some common tricks used by the scammers or so-called psychics.  

Making Claims That Apply to Everyone

Scamming psychics use statements that apply to everyone. For instance, they might tell a client that they occasionally experience social anxiety. While the statement is true, nearly every person experiences social anxiety at some point in life. The objective of this trick is to fool clients into believing that psychics have incredible insights. 

Vagueness and Backtracking

Another trick used by fraudulent psychics is keeping it vague and backtracking immediately they make an error. For example, a psychic might claim to be speaking to a client’s mother, only to discover later that the mother is still alive. A typical scamming psychic would attempt to cover up by claiming that it was someone close to the mother.  This makes appear legit even after telling a blatant lie. 

Watching Subtle Reactions and Minor Clues

Psychics talk slowly for a reason – the frequent pausing is a smart way of gauging the response of a client. If they something, they look at the client’s body language, facial expression, and other subtle reactions to see if they are on the right track.  For example, if a client frowns, they will immediately retract their statement. 

Besides body language, psychics also look at other clues that describe the client’s characters and habits. If they notice a wedding ring, they know that the client is in a committed marriage. By paying attention to the speech, clothing, and other minor factors, psychics know how to approach meetings with various clients.

How to Avoid Scamming Psychics

Before consulting a psychic, it is crucial to evaluate the situation. In some cases, depression and anxiety might drive a person into thinking they need to see a psychic. It is advisable to seek individual or group counseling to find out if supernatural guidance is really needed.

As mentioned above, several scam-artists pretend to be psychics. The best way to find a genuine psychic is by asking recommendations from friends and family.  If a psychic appears shady, their official website is the right place to get more information about them. 

 Some psychics host ‘spirit circles.’ These are meetings where they give free psychic readings randomly to large groups of people. This is an excellent way of seeing how they work. It also eases the expectations of the client. 

Most clients prefer private sessions for confidentiality purposes. Although this is understandable, group sessions are more effective. People often find comfort when they notice others are going through similar challenges.  

Online psychic readings can be legit. Even better, it ensures that the psychic can’t read the physical cues of the client. 


Telling apart genuine psychics from scammers is quite challenging. Regardless, if a client decides to consult a medium, it is essential to know what they are after and if their choices meet their requirements. A psychic might proficient in one practice, say free horoscopes, but incompetent in doing a psychic love reading. 

Finally, if a psychic is good at what they do, recommendations will be in abundance. 






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