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10 Ruthless Divorce Attorneys Who Made Their Clients Rich and Happy


10 Ruthless Divorce Attorneys Who Made Their Clients Rich and Happy

Do you always feel it’s the rich and powerful that gets away with the bigger share during a divorce? Not all the time. Below are examples of some cruel divorce lawyers who made the unthinkable happen.

1. William S. Beslow 

Political activist, Patricia Duff hired New York attorney William S. Beslow during her divorce procedure from billionaire Ronald Perelman in the late 1990s. The trial got to the headlines as there was too much tension and allegation. In the end, Beslow was able to get to a settlement of $30,000 for his client Patricia. 

2. Sandra Davis 

Sandra is a highly respected British divorce attorney involved in many high-class divorces in the UK including getting Princess Diana to walk away with a 17 million pounds settlement during her divorce from Prince Charles back in 1996. Sandra got to the headlines yet again when she represented Jerry Hall during her breakup from Mick Jagger, a rock ‘n’ roll legend. Sandra was able to reach a settlement with Jaggers’ lawyers which enabled Jerry Hall to close the trial with a huge sum of $25 million. 

3. Earle Lilly 

The media went berserk when words broke out that Yankee star Alex Rodriguez and his spouse Cynthia Rodriquez wanted a divorce. Alex, a slugger, has been linked with several beautiful women including Madonna. After a long trial, Earle Lilly was able to negotiate a huge settlement for his client, Cynthia including a lump sum, multimillion-dollar mansion, and monthly child support. 

4. Gloria Allred

Gloria who merely started her career as a Philadelphia high school teacher later rose to become one of the most ruthless female lawyers in business. She was able to get her several of her clients with a massive settlement. Examples of people she represented include; Amber Frey, Actress Hunter Tylo, Vanessa Lopez and Rachel Uchitel. 

5. Robert Stephan Cohen 

Robert Stephen was the lawyer who represented supermodel Christie Brinkley after she filed for divorce from Billy Joel, a music legend, in 1994. Years later, Christie hired Stephan again during the divorce trial of her fourth husband, Peter Cook in 2008. In the end, Stephan was able to prove that Cook was a porn-addicted murderer making Christie retain her life earnings and her properties. 

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