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No One Is Safe from Cyber-Attacks and Celebrities Are No Exception


No One Is Safe from Cyber-Attacks and Celebrities Are No Exception

Trigger Warning: Caution Needed

So, what does this reflect? The fact that cybersecurity attacks are very common against the celebs. The celebs cannot keep their personal lives private until and unless they don’t take useful majors against the cyber- attacks.

 Being celebs, securing their personal and private life while publicizing their glamour life does get tricky and challenging.  However, they do need to find ways to maintain and sustain balance, privacy, and protection. 
Now, the question arises how they can protect themselves from cyber security attacks. Well, multiple precautions can be followed. 
Although none would guarantee 100% security, every little precaution is vital and would add to secure their account better. 
Some of the essential ways that can protect and ensure account security are discussed briefly below. 

Think! Don’t Interlink

To secure the account, the first and foremost key is to apply passwords. Remember, in passwords; longer is stronger. 
Keep your password long and ensure that it is not directly related to your personal life. Be creative. Think out of the box. 
Also, keep in mind, do not repeat passwords. Think! Don’t interlink one account password with another. Zuckerberg got hacked because of the same password of his different social networks. Make sure you have a different password for each of your account. Make sure that the account passwords are kept and managed well.

Beware! Connect with Care

Do not use public Wi-Fi. Be cautious about joining the public Wi-Fi at the airport or coffee shop. They are not secured. Use a VPN like private internet access to hide your online activity if you join a public Wi-Fi network because public Wi-Fi is very insecure and dangerous which can lead to a cyber attack at any time. If you are in a need of Wi-Fi then must connect it with precautions.

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