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7 Celebrities with Weirdest Websites


7 Celebrities with Weirdest Websites

Nowadays, an actor doesn’t generally require an official site. It might be a half-not too bad approach to a charity, update fans on a purposeful venture, or shill a way of life brand, however, isn’t that why we have Twitter and Instagram and Cloud Solution? All things being equal, an astounding number of actors from the A-rundown on down still keep up their very own locales, which range from strangely expand to the stuff of Geocities fever dreams. With expressions of remorse to the celebs and their web-based social networking directors and website online creator, we have aggregated this gathering of the most abnormal. Here is the list of most weird websites of celebrities. These weird websites are well worth a visit, even if it’s just to wonder WHY on earth.

1. Schwarzenegger.com

Truly? One of Hollywood’s greatest activity stars can’t bear the cost of a superior site or website hosting? Does he need to get help from Website online creator? Is this the best a previous senator can do? In 2016, Schwarzenegger’s site has just included a couple of posts: an announcement about Nancy Reagan’s passing, a legal underwriting, and a lot of attachments for a Shirt that says, “Come With Me if You Want to Lift.” Not at all like concentrating on the huge issues during a race year, huh Arnie?


2. JoeMantegna.com

I’ll say this much regarding energetic Twitter client Joe Mantegna: He has a superior site than Lobby of Distinction quarterback Joe Montana, whose page essentially turns into a dead end because he didn’t think about website hosting yet.

3. JerrySeinfeld.com

At first look, Seinfeld’s site resembles a sprinkling of irregular expressions, for example, “Lady of the Hour Magazine/Give My Respects to Your Balls/Rhinoplasty.” Stick with it, however, and it’ll bode well. Each word corresponds to a high-quality piece, and the site delves into Seinfeld’s huge library of exhibitions to post three consistently. For the huge library, he needs to get an online cloud solution. 

“When I started doing TV, I saved every appearance on every show I did,” he explains on the site. “I thought it might be fun to go through all of it and pick out three bits each day that still amuse me for some reason or another.” The layout is a little wonky — you can only click on a handful of links on any given day — but the real fun part is pondering the audience for this thing. What kind of fan comes back every single day? Who are these people? (Sorry.)

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