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7 Celebrities with Weirdest Websites


7 Celebrities with Weirdest Websites

4. StevenSeagal.com

I’d preferably not hazard exasperating up the star of Under Attack 2: Dim Region, so I’ll simply say this: In the event that you click around this site, you’ll find out about Seagal’s hand to hand fighting, his music, his charity, and his redid ” Guns Don’t Kill People, People Kill People ” Shirt.

After checking and visiting his site most people think he needs to get a Website online creator and build websites in a unique style.

5. SeanConnery.com

Much like the Scottish actor, Connery’s site hasn’t done anything new since The Group of Phenomenal Men of honor hit theaters in 2003. You can even now observe a portion of his better half’s specialty and download a Security-themed screensaver, gave your PC runs Windows 95 or higher. Most of his site visitors give him the advice to use website online creator and build a website.

6. TomCruise.com

Discussion about an opening salvo: Cruise’s site shoots a circle of Tangerine Dream’s “Adoration on a Genuine Train,” the melody that played during the sex-on-a-train scene in Risky Business. Regardless of that eyebrow-raising thrive, Voyage and Co. haven’t made any observable updates since 2013. This is what you’ll discover: Seventy-two pages of extremely energetic news things, including one Edge of Tomorrow advancement that starts with “Notice … THIS WILL BE AN EPIC BLOG!” Here are what you need: Any notices of Scientology or L. Ron Hubbard, for these huge Seventy-two pages he needs cloud solution.

7. Travolta.com

Stress not! John Travolta’s site has a “links of interest” area that advances Scientology and Dianetics but not confirms he is using cloud solution or not. The genuine prizes, however, are the photographs. The site includes an assortment of in-your-face headshots, and there’s additionally an “uncommon” choice of pictures that incorporates a genuine jewel of Travolta playing the violin. So youthful, so attractive, so skilled.

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