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Celebs Biggest Weight Loss-before and after


Celebs Biggest Weight Loss-before and after

Every celebrity wants to look their best, they always want to give their best and keep up with the glitz and glamor that comes with fame. To always remain at the spotlight, their physical appearance has to be topnotch. Which means that they must have that gorgeous body that paparazzi are always out to look for. 

Beauty they say attracts good things! Celebrities understand this basic fact and they are always ready to make use of that to their best advantage. Over the years, there has been a new trend which is keeping fit and accumulating less body fat. For them to continue trending, they must get rid of this excess body fat and retain that handsome and beautiful body structure. 

As humans with different appearances, not everyone can have a slim and gorgeous body structure. However, some celebrities have been able to break this shackles and surprise the world with their incredible weight loss by getting involved in several weight loss programs and specific diet programs. 

Are you ready to see the celebrities behind the mask? We know you are excited to do so! Let’s get started. 

1. Gordon Ramsay

We should all know the foodie that runs Hell’s Kitchen, the chef that always keeps us salivating with his delicacies. This man lost 52 pounds from his initial 252 pounds within a period of few years. The first time he flaunts his new physique was during the summer of 2018 on the beach in Malibu, CA and that stunned the whole world. Gordon Ramsay admitted been involved himself in some top-rated weight loss programs and adhering strictly to the best diet plan that other people have testified to have yielded positive results. 

2. Jonah Hill 

Here is another stunner that will leave you in amusement. Jonah Hill, our very own superstar also lost about 30 pounds before shooting the movie 21 Jump Street in the year 2011. Ever since then, he has continued to lose weight. In turn retaining the stature we all see him to have presently. Jonah Hill publicly stated that all he did was getting a weight loss meal plan and a trainer to compliment. 

3. Christina Aguilera

This Pop diva took weight loss to a whole new level by getting a top-rated weight loss program from the well-known fitness guru, Tee Sorge. Christina Aguilera lose in weight became obvious when she featured at the screening of The Voice, season premiere. Having lost more than 20 pounds, her body had indeed gone through a total transformation and she looked just flawless in whatever dress she had on. 

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