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Celebs Biggest Weight Loss-before and after


Celebs Biggest Weight Loss-before and after

4. Kevin Smith

Kelvin’s weight loss was that which came as a result of his health issues. He lost 50 pounds just by involving himself in medical weight management programs and diet programs that encourages weight loss. Despite being a superstar with a lot at stake, Kelvin is very proud to have taken this step. As of May 2018, he even shared his weight loss testimony on Instagram, where he claimed to have lost 37 pounds within the space of 4 months.

5. Missy Elliott

Missy Elliott, the “work it” rapper is another celeb who lost weight within a short period of time and that got everyone talking. This rapper is now a new version of her old self, she looks more gorgeous and elegant. Having lost about 30 pounds by just adhering strictly to the best diet plan and doing random exercises daily, she is now a total transformation and indeed a beauty to look upon.

6. Tyler Baltierra

Tyler Baltierra who we all know as the Teen Mom OG star is now also a completely new version of his old self. Having lost 35 pounds in just two months, he looks brand new with a better physique. 

7. Miranda Lambert 

Miranda Lambert the beauty queen and the country star we all know never had this gorgeous body from the onset. As far back as 2010, she was an entirely different person with a different look. But she was able to change that with quick weight loss exercises and the right kind of diet. Over the years, Miranda Lambert is said to have lost 25 pounds. 

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